Horse taping after Heinbokel, Rudde & Fink is one of the first methods with which animals can be treated successfully with flexible tape. Similar methods for therapy of humans can be summarized under the general term of kineseologic taping.

The idea to develop and simultaneously study horse taping was born at the Sport & Reha Zentrum in Borken in October 2007. An interdisciplinary team consisting of two physio therapists, a natural health professional for animals, a veterinarian and a biologist were involved in the first tests. The main difficulty was to find an existing or possibly generate a new kind of tape that was not only durable but also well tolerated on horse hair. The two tapes which are now used by us were identified by intensive testing. While optimising the technique and eliminating errors, standards for applying the tape have been developed, so that durability of the tapes is consistent. Since January 2009, selected horse osteotherapists, as well as education centers and veterinarians, accompany our efforts by further developing horse taping, and also by critically examining this technique.

Since the end of 2008, our interdisciplinary team offers courses in horse taping, with participants not only from Germany but also Switzerland, Austria, the BeNeLux countries and Denmark.

All our courses are supervised by at least two instructors and are explicitly reserved for professionals. We encourage english-speaking visitors who want to participate in one of our courses to contact our office. Although our customary courses are in German, we are happy to provide in house courses in English. If you want to participate in the German course, you can purchase an english copy of the lecture notes for an additional fee of 30 €. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, preferably via email. We will do our best to accomodate all your needs.